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Waste Management

Our unique model allows communities to benefit from the recycling of their household wastes and to create a greener, sustainable environment.
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At MUDA Africa, we engage in the collection, recycling, re-adaptation and re-distribution of recyclable waste, ranging from Plastics (PETE, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, PS and others), Metals (Iron, Aluminum, Tin, Zinc, Copper etc.), Glass, and so on.

MUDA Recycle Program

MUDA Africa's ongoing plans are tailored to improve access to proper waste management within the country and to mitigate the amount of recyclables that end up in land-fills each year.
We team-up with communities to create diverse opportunities for revenue generation through proper waste-management. With the help of our Eco-ambassadors we will champion a zero-waste, Eco-sustainable society through  revolutionary recycling methods.
We also encourage our community participation by incentivizing their recycling habits. Our costumers can sign up for weekly pick-ups or can drop off recyclables at our nearest Recycle Exchange Hubs.

Water Management

Our ElxaR™ Water filtration units, were developed to tackle the endemic issues resulting from the lack of access to clean water.

ElxaR™ has been demonstrated to filter about 99.99% of inorganic materials, diarrhea causing bacteria and other microorganisms. The product is guaranteed to provide clean water to households, schools, communities, public and private institutions in Africa.

The Water Crisis

At MUDA Africa we are dedicated to ensuring that clean drinking water is provided to all communities across Africa, by providing world-class water management  solutions to clients.

We ensure that our 100% customized solution is tailored to meet and exceeds all demands and standards.

MUDA Solutions

Our clean water campaign is on a mission to provide access to clean water throughout Africa. We believe that by providing affordable access to drinking water we can help eliminate the transmission and recidivism of water-borne illnesses.

Eco-Design and Consultation

We are committed to lead organizations towards sustainable development. Using a framework to appropriately study and analyze clients’ products and services, we are able to appraise economic competence, environmental responsibility, and social equity of organizations.  
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MUDA Eco-Solutions

We implement projects designed to provide necessary infrastructure for eco-friendly enterprises. We aim to ensure organizational, community and social-economic growth via increased revenue generation by adopting  our implementation models.

Our Commitment

Our eco-solutions are streamlined and custom developed to ensure that:

I. Organizations meet and exceed all global  standards for an eco-friendly establishment. We achieve this by  providing solutions, equipment, infrastructures etc. designed to minimize total greenhouse output to zero.

II. Revenue generating channels are created for our clients via the monetization of waste management strategies and allocation of resources. We provide solutions that support innovative recycling approaches by private and public organizations and people that equally perceive waste as valuable resources.

III. We implement models based on in-depth field study to develop an individualized system that streamline an organization or community optimal productivity, to ensure a progressive trend towards a cleaner, greener society for generations to come.


Educational Development

Waste Eradication and Environmental Protection (WEEP) is a non-profit committed to the improvements of the Standard of Living of Communities across Africa. The ultimate goal is to educate, train and empower the local community. We challenge young minds to come up with innovative ideas on how to improve their local communities and assist winners in implementing these ideas in their local communities.
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The Objective

The Objective of WEEP includes but are not limited to:
 Educate and improve awareness on the effects of poor waste management.
 Educate and introduce the benefits of Recycling, Reducing and Reusing of waste.
 Recruit “Eco-Ambassadors” to help spread eco-awareness through peer education and social outreach.
 Implementation of eco-management solutions developed by students to muster Innovation and Growth.

The Opportunity

 Students gain knowledge on the personal, economic and social benefits of proper waste management.
 Schools become models for eco-friendly innovations.
 Creating future leaders an innovators that are environmentally conscious.
 Exploring job and developmental opportunities in environmental sustenance.

The Solution

 Our Workshops on are designed to educate, and create awareness on effects of poor waste management.
 Create school clubs that addresses the issues of waste management in their communities.
 Work with eco-ambassadors to research, develop and implement eco-friendly ideas in their communities.
 Establish a culture of an eco-friendly school in the forefront of tackling Nigeria’s waste issues.